The UED (unimprinted electronic device)

The UED (unimprinted electronic device)

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Unimprinted Electronic Device. 


You now have the freedom to create an intention statement and imprint your own device. Place it in your home, work space, meditation area or any other location you choose.

The UEDs we offer for sale are the same devices that Dr Tiller and his research team used in their groundbreaking IHD experiments.


Carefully manufactured for The Tiller Foundation precisely according to Dr Tiller's instructions.

The purchase of a UED includes Dr Tiller's instructions for imprinting the device.


Please read Dr Tiller's White Paper #2 and read the UED/IHD Research disclaimer below before purchasing. Go to Purchasing the IHD for more information.


    The device is 7.0 x 2.25 x 0.75". 120 Volt AC adaptor included. This adaptor will NOT operate on 220VAC. Non-USA customers will need a voltage converter appropriate to their country plus a power outlet adapter plug.


    Non-renewable warranty claims must be received via email ( within 90 days of WATI ship date. Customer pays trackable return shipping. Out of warranty UED units can be returned for repair (if possible) or replaced at a 30% discount from current retail price. Customer is responsible for return and reship postage.


    USPS Priority Shipping

    International customers must provide telephone number

  • UED/IHD Research disclaimer:

    The William A Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science, Inc. and The Tiller Foundation make no claim or guarantee that this product will provide results of any kind. Any user of this device (each, a "User") takes full responsibility for the outcome of such use. User agrees to use this device ethically at all times and for purposes of personal entertainment, experimentation, or research only. This device is meant for general use only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    WARNING:  There may be possible negative consequences if this device is not used as directed. Users must exercise caution and connect to only positive forces. This device is only to be used for the benefit of humanity. As such, each User agrees to use the device only working with positive energies and only for positive purposes. 
    CAUTION: Lower astral entities and lower frequencies can become involved if the ignorance, level of consciousness, or general energetic state of the person performing the intention statement construction and imprinting is not operating at optimum spiritual levels. Therefore, imprinting is most effective when performed by experienced spiritual practitioners. This process can be accomplished by novices following the enclosed instructions, however, the imprinter’s own state of consciousness plays a critical role in the success of the use of this device.


    Dr Tiller's imprinting instructions for imprinting the device are included with purchase


    Before UED is purchased, you must complete a short questionnaire/survey. The questionnaire/survey is sent via your provided email at purchase. Check your spam file if you do not see it.