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The human species is special because we contain general intelligence. Engineers believe they can build computerized artificial intelligent (AI) versions of human behaviors, because they believe our brains are classical computers. But, humans are Real Intelligent (RI) living systems that exhibit many extraordinary behaviors that are not possible to produce by purely classical mechanisms of any kind. Extraordinary behaviors are also exhibited by advanced quantum computing (QC) machines, thereby creating a technology race and investment boom in both AI and QC technologies. The deep reality explored by this book combines these two ideas (QC + AI) in a conversational style between two world renowned PhD scientists. We propose that our quantum minds exist independently of and interact with our individual brains. We support this model by reviewing the research where people have directly interacted with other quantum and probabilistic systems.

My source science model proposes that thought is intimately connected to the science of informational protophysics, which is the quantum source of our universe and every “thing” in it. This narrative journey recognizes that information, thought, and meaning are primarily dependent on the hyperdimensional states used by both neural and quantum computing. Just like all quantum models, source science leads to extraordinary understanding regarding the space-like entangled nature of thoughts, meaning, emotions, space, and time. After describing our deep, holistic, intimate, and sacred nature, we conclude by making unexpected predictions about our human potential and the future of our human society. MORE

Dr. Doug Matzke is a prolific scientist, researcher, and presenter in his areas of expertise about limits of computation, hyper-dimensional mathematics, neuro-computing, quantum computing, real intelligence, and metaphysics. During his 45-year career, he was chairman of two PhysComp ’92/’94 workshops, contributed to fifteen disclosed patents with eight granted, has published more than fifty papers and presentations, and earned a PhD in Quantum Computing. Doug has adopted the moniker of “Quantum Doug” because he combines these deep-reality subjects as the source science beneath his quantum mind-based model of humanity. 

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Doug Matzke discusses his book. The mainstream view of reality is based on time and space being fundamental. Past, present, and future lie on a linear axis, while our five senses interpret events occurring within a three-dimensional world. For well over a century quantum physics has been painting a very different picture of reality, but still we continue to cling to a very limited and incomplete model. The current research in artificial intelligence and transhumanism on which so many hang their hopes for our future simply misunderstands the nature of consciousness. Should we truly wish to advance as a species, we must fully integrate the insights of the quantum realm and cutting edge consciousness research into our view of life, the cosmos, and potential meaning and purpose in existence itself. If we open ourselves to the possibility that mind, not matter, is fundamental, then many of the mysteries which science either denies or ignores can be woven into a richer and much more colourful tapestry of life. Dreams, psychic phenomena, and the paranormal and supernatural events which form part of human experience can finally be integrated into individual and collective consciousness in a meaningful way. This more expansive and holistic understanding of reality can help us unlock our true potential.

Quantum Computers and Extended Consciousness
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Dr. Doug Matzke, has a PhD in quantum computing… he gets the physics to extended consciousness link.

by Alex Tsakiris | Feb 16 | Consciousness Science