At this unprecedented and transitioning time in human history, we need to urgently bring mindfulness into our unconscious use of wireless technologies which are now ubiquitous and shaping all areas of our lives. Since electromagnetic pollution can compromise health and cause epigentic changes leading to cognitive and behavioural issues, it is ideal to reduce the body-burden of wireless emissions.

In order to help harmonise the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution, digitised subtle energy information have created free open-source digitised subtle energy information signatures which
can be downloaded to your phone or computer at this link

In providing these digitised information signatures for free to the public, we hope to enable people to collectively take action on the increasing electromagnetic pollution that we are faced with globally.

The new science, and in particular, Dr. William Tiller's ground-breaking Psychoenergetic Science, proves human intention can affect matter and that intention can be successfully imprinted ,stored and broadcast. Based on this 'science within consciousness', designed a customised hardware module for a potential large scale solution to harmonise the effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation.

With the purest of heartfelt focused intention, in a deep meditative state, subtle energy in the form of information and magnetic fields from Mount Kailash (Tibet) were imprinted on a hardware module. It was then encoded as digitised information signatures for broadcast and embedded into other digital media. also have webservers and stand-alone devices across the world (UK, Australia, USA, Egypt) that read and replay these digitised information signatures continuously over the internet.

These digitised information signatures are broadcast to harmonise electromagnetic distortions, to revitalise and enhance health, vitality, well-being, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, a greater sense of interconnection with all life, and the remembrance that at the fundamental level, we are all truly One.

To ensure the integrity of the intention to benefit all of humanity, the digitised information signatures were created for free distribution and use as a not for profit initiative.  For more info and free open-source downloads and apps visit

This image is a digitised information signature encoded with harmonising subtle energy [1]


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