Global Intention for All of Humanity *

In response to the Covid-19 crisis


We declare and affirm a global consciousness of immediately eliminating all negative effects of the group of viruses known as corona viruses, specifically the novel virus known as Covid-19 and any mutations thereof, on the health and general well-being of all human beings.


We intend significant enhancement of the immune system strength of all human beings and intend all human beings to operate from a higher expression of self in the distance-time aspect of this planet without fear.

Dear Tiller Community,


We hope this message finds you all safe, well, and coping with the dramatic life changes we have seen in the last few weeks. We trust we are all adapting physically and emotionally to the global impact the Covid-19 virus has had on our lives, livelihoods, children’s lives, families who are separated from each other, and the many other groups affected.


When this crisis began, the Tiller Tiller Team rallied resources and technology to help mitigate this pandemic. We created a special, focused intention, the essence of which can be seen above, and have been disseminating it to our planet since March 15th. This will continue as long as necessary. We continue to pray and hold all human and other beings close energetically to help mitigate the virus’ damages and shore up our immune systems.  

We echo the recommendations of the experts to take care of ourselves through activities of wellness such as meditation, sleep, nutrition etc., all the other aspects that go into our whole human-beingness.

In early June, The Tiller Team, along with Jean and Bill Tiller created another global intention to benefit our world and it is being broadcast right now using Dr Tiller's IHD psychoenergetic science IHD technology.


Please focus your mind and heart on the intention above to amplify the Tiller Team’s efforts. The more who support the effort the better. We welcome you to contribute energetically to our collective efforts. If you are so moved, we invite you to support the Tiller Foundation’s efforts with a gift of any amount to assist the Foundation in our physical efforts. Your energetic support and philanthropy allow us to continue Dr. Bill Tiller’s work benefitting humanity, and the Tiller Team is most grateful for you at this time.


The donation page for gifts less than $500 can be located here: 



The Tiller Circles of Giving for larger philanthropic gifts can be found here: 


Dr. Tiller, his wife Jean, and his team thank you for your efforts at holding space for the “Global Intention for All Humanity,” and for helping support the maintenance of the lab and initiatives if you are moved to do so.


More than ever, let this be a global re-shift or recalibration of our priorities to be more, altruistic, kind and loving to all human, animal, and planet-kind and to build community in a way that is grounded in love and sustainable energetically.


We thank you for your participation in the Tiller Community and look forward to additional positive associations to come. If you have any questions about philanthropic gifts or questions for the Team, please email


Thank you and stay well.


Most sincerely,

The Tiller Foundation Team