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Our Mission:

Preserve, advance and promote the Psychoenergetic Science of Dr. William A Tiller by providing solutions to human challenges and developing tools for enhancing the consciousness of humankind.

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Dr William Tiller could and it’s driven his scientific research about human consciousness for the past 50+ years.

It all started more than 50 years ago from the heart and soul of brilliant Stanford University Professor, Dr William Tiller. He knew that there were ways, not yet discovered and proven, where human consciousness could be used to meaningfully influence physical matter via conscious and focused mental intention to better address and resolve problems and difficulties present in today's world.  
After years of experimentation and with data to back it up, he showed that directed conscious intention absolutely works. His global mission is to make the fruits of this groundbreaking research available to interested people who wish to participate in creating a better world for themselves, and for all beings everywhere. 



The Genius of William A Tiller's Psysics and the Promise of Information Medicine


Nisha Manek, M.D.

Bridging Science & Spirit. #1 New Release on Amazon!

Fascinated by the mysterious power of human intention? Discover its real-world
applications by exploring the breakthrough research of psychoenergetic science. If
you like expert insights, complex scientific concepts explained in everyday language,
and intellectually energizing material, then you’ll love "Bridging Science and Spirit",

Dr. Nisha Manek’s unprecedented resource.

From a Medical Scientist who bought the book:

"I would like to congratulate you for this impressive piece of work. It is a great effort to be able to translate Tiller´s concepts into information that can be read!!. I feel, though, I will have to go through it several times to grasp all the details.

To me it has been like opening a window and fresh air is now running... This book is here to stay for decades.. I have recommended it to my friends who work with energy therapies.

We´re just in the middle of a study which analyzes the impact of polarity therapy on cardiac performance. It seems that even in patients with normal hearts cardiac (magnetic) function dramatically improves !!

I´ll let you know."


“We are at a point in humanity’s history where science has helped us so much in our evolution. We have knowledge at our fingertips. And yet there seems to be a disconnect and I think Dr Tiller, more than anything else, says there are complimentary paths to knowing.

You can have science. You can have spirit. They’re not antagonistic at all. Each has its protocols and each has its outcomes. And his science, more than anything, really combines the two seamlessly. And with data!

So this book really is a way to bridge the spans of knowledge. From science that we respect, that we know, and bridge over to the inner human domains; who we really are as phenomenal conscious beings - right to spirit.

Because spirit is our inheritance. And he shows us that. He shows us what we’re capable of. And his work in intention opens the pathway. If he can change materials by his intention, what can man really do?”

      - Dr Nisha Manek, author "Bridging Science and Spirit"


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Real-world problems resolved using intention-based solutions achieved through Dr William Tiller’s Psychoenergetic Science.