"With this psychoenergetic science work, a new door has been opened for deeper explorations of nature, where human consciousness, intentions, emotion, mind and spirit will play a much greater role in the great adventure of science, spirit and technology"

                    William A Tiller





Founded by William A Tiller, Ph.D.



Our Mission:

Preserve, advance and promote the Psychoenergetic Science of Dr. William Tiller through partnerships with educational institutions and subtle-energy pioneers to address human challenges and enhance the consciousness of humankind.


Dr William Tiller could and it has driven his scientific research about human consciousness for the past 50+ years.

It all started more than 50 years ago from the heart and soul of brilliant Stanford University Professor, Dr William Tiller. He knew that there were ways, not yet discovered and proven, where human consciousness could be used to meaningfully influence physical matter via conscious and focused mental intention to better address and resolve problems and difficulties present in today's world.  
After years of experimentation and with data to back it up, he showed that directed conscious intention absolutely works. His global mission is to make the fruits of this groundbreaking research available to interested people who wish to participate in creating a better world for themselves, and for all beings everywhere, and the reason he founded The Tiller Foundation nonprofit.

Two brilliant minds generously allow the viewer into their extraordinary lives - delving deeply into areas of profoundly timeless interest: science, spirit, consciousness, intention, metaphysics, parapsychology, the next epoch, the future world and so much more.
Expand your mind, your heart and your world.