Uplift Humanity Initiative

Part 2

In early June 2020 the Tiller Team created a global intention statement to address current challenges our world is facing.

The Tiller Team, including Jean and Bill Tiller, using Dr Tiller's IHD technology began broadcasting this global intention. The essence of this intention is: 

FB post July 9 2020 copy.jpg

Please focus your mind and heart on the intention above to amplify the Tiller Team’s efforts. The more who support the effort the better. We welcome you to contribute energetically to our collective efforts.


If you are so moved, we invite you to support the Tiller Foundation’s efforts with a gift of any amount to assist the Foundation to carry out the mission that Dr Tiller laid out when he began the nonprofit in 2015: address human challenges and enhance the consciousness of humankind. Your energetic support and philanthropy allow us to continue Dr. Bill Tiller’s work uplifting humanity.


The Tiller Team is most grateful for your support.




Dr. Tiller, his wife Jean, and his team thank you for your efforts at holding space for the “Uplift Humanity Initiative” and for helping support its ongoing momentum.

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