Dr Nisha Manek, MD

“We are at a point in humanity’s history where science has helped us so much in our evolution. We have knowledge at our fingertips. And yet there seems to be a disconnect and I think Dr Tiller, more than anything else, says there are complimentary paths to knowing.

You can have science. You can have spirit. They’re not antagonistic at all. Each has its protocols and each has its outcomes. And his science, more than anything, really combines the two seamlessly. And with data!

So this book really is a way to bridge the spans of knowledge. From science that we respect, that we know, and bridge over to the inner human domains; who we really are as phenomenal conscious beings - right to spirit. Because spirit is our inheritance. And he shows us that. He shows us what we’re capable of. And his work in intention opens the pathway. If he can change materials by his intention, what can man really do?”

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Nisha J. Manek was born on the equator in the village of Ol’Kalou in Nyahururu district in the highlands of Kenya. She graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, after which she received her doctorate in medicine with commendation from Glasgow University School of Medicine, Glasgow, Scotland. She completed her fellowship in rheumatology at Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, California, and joined the faculty as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. She has served on many academic committees, including the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ARHP) of the American College of Rheumatology. She is an invited faculty member for the associate fellowship program in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona, Tucson. In this capacity, she writes the integrative rheumatology curriculum. Dr. Manek has authored more than a dozen book chapters for academic medical textbooks. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Glasgow) of the United Kingdom. She is usually busy creating new “information” in her clinic.

She is the author of "Bridging Science and Spirit, the Genius of William A Tiller's Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine". 

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"If one thing has struck me about the way people describe audiobooks, it is the reported intensity of their absorption and the emotional grasp of the experiences. They go right to your soul." 

(from ReadingRockets.org)

Nothing beats convenience. You can enjoy Bridging Science and Spirit in your pocket.
If Bridging Science and Spirit is a moonshot to the dawn of a new human consciousness, the audiobook is the “powerfuel” to help bring it about. Accelerate your path forward and upward. Read with your eyes closed. Live your intention.

In this episode, we had the privilege of having a special guest who is an expert in the field of science and spirituality. Dr. Nisha Manek will blow you away with the scientific evidence that our Intention has a direct affect on our health and our environment around us. In other words, your consciousness changes physical matter, so whatever you want, you can create it! Maybe that idea isn't new to you, but in this episode, you'll hear how science is now coming to prove that you can accomplish anything, no matter what your history has been.

The Magical Mystery Tour Apr 17 2020 Nisha Manek MD - Bridging Science and Spirit

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The Magical Mystery Tour Apr 17 2020 Nisha Manek MD - Bridging Science and Spirit

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Does the physics of consciousness have you scratching your head? Want to know how being intentional can improve your life? Ever wonder where science and spirituality intersect?

As a protégé of Dr. William A. Tiller, Dr. Nisha Manek is well-versed in the trailblazing scientist’s cutting-edge research and theories. A former esteemed member of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Manek is at the forefront of innovative approaches to health and wellness. Now she’s slicing through the scientific jargon with an insider’s look into how intention will be the next big medical breakthrough.

Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine is a beginner’s handbook to this pioneering field. Using lab-based evidence and illuminating illustrations, Dr. Manek connects current scientific understandings of thermodynamics and the nature of awareness with universal spiritual truths. With these thought-provoking theories driving practical techniques, the medical and technological evolution inevitable in your lifetime is stunning.

In Bridging Science and Spirit, you’ll discover:

- An easy-to-understand overview of William A. Tiller’s most influential work

- Seven pillars that support the shared principles of science and spirit

- Over sixty drawings to clearly illustrate the core scientific concepts

- An exploration of the levels of consciousness and how they impact your relationship with reality

- An entertaining mix of history, physics, and spiritual anecdotes, and much, much more!

Bridging Science and Spirit is a simple guide for unlocking the capacity of human intention. If you like expert insights, complex scientific concepts explained in everyday language, and intellectually energizing material, then you’ll love Dr. Nisha Manek’s unprecedented resource.

Pick up Bridging Science and Spirit to expand your mental horizons today!