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A Professor Emeritus of Stanford University. For over 50 years, he has been pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of Psychoenergetic Science which expands experimental variables for the study of nature's many manifestations to include those associated with consciousness. He founded The Tiller Foundation in 2015; its mission is to design and conduct meaningful research in the field of Psychoenergetic Science in order to document and demonstrate ability to positively influence physical matter via conscious and focused mental intention to better address and resolve problems and difficulties present in today's world.

Dr Tiller is retired and lives quietly and happily in Arizona .

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(1931 - 2021)

Wife and Collaborator

Jean Tiller, late wife of William Tiller, met  when they were 12 (Jean) and 13 (Bill). They didn't see each other until she was 17, he was 18, dated and then married at 21 and 22. Since then Jean has been his partner in all things, in life, parenting and spiritual search. With her extraordinary gifts of intuition, emotional intelligence, and meditation skill, she has been a crucial collaborator in Tiller’s experiments.

Beloved Jean Tiller passed from our world in April 2021. Jean, we thank you and love you with all our hearts.

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Bill has been a colleague of Dr Tiller for over 20 years and currently President of The Tiller Foundation. In addition to being a freelance producer of training and promotional videos, Bill has produced and directed over 200 cable television programs. Bill has 23 years IT management experience in a hi-tech manufacturing environment specializing in electronic messaging, business processes, website maintenance and application programming. Bill holds an Organizational Management Certificate from the ASU Nonprofit Management Institute and certification from the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences as an Excursion Workshop Facilitator (for stress reduction and enhanced conscious awareness). He is an ordained minister at The Logos Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bill lives in Arizona with his wife Deb

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Director of Research

Cindy Reed, R.N., Ph.D, received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Iowa in 1978 and received a Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of Iowa in 1981. She received her Doctorate of Theology in 2005 from HOLOS University Graduate Seminary, and her Ph.D. in Energy Medicine from Universalist University of Holistic Spirituality in 2005. Ms. Reeds’ dissertation, “ The Effect of Intention on Decreasing Anxiety and Depression Utilizing Intention Imprinted Devices” was the first study conducted on human subjects that utilized Dr. Tiller’s model. She is currently Director of Research for The Tiller Foundation and on a number of other Boards.

Cindy lives in Iowa with her husband Steven


Dr Steven Lamer

Medical Advisor

Dr Steven Lamer is both a medical doctor and a chiropractor with a strong background in emergency medicine and holistic health. His insights into energy, intention and other metaphysical dimensions are invaluable to this Power of Intention work.

Steven lives in Iowa with his wife Cindy

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Greg Fandel


Through an auspicious 1997 meeting at the Siddha Yoga meditation center in Minnesota, Greg came in contact with Dr Walter Dibble and eventually came to work with Drs. Tiller and Dibble. Since 1998 Greg has been directly supporting Dr. Tiller’s work and that of the W A Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science and The Tiller Foundation. Greg applies his experience as a business owner, Ashram resident, artist and long-time meditator in support of the remarkable work being carried out by Dr. Tiller and the Tiller Team. Greg is also one of the cornerstone participants in the IHD (Intention Host Device) imprinting sessions.

Greg currently lives in Arizona